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"..... absorb Woolfe’s refreshing amplification of the voices of working class Londoners; the people subjected to developer-led, council-backed regeneration – one of the most perniciously anti-democratic and inhuman facets of London’s unequal political economy."

Paul Coleman, London Intelligence -,read the full review here



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It has taken three years to make this film.

Why did the filmmaker feel compelled to make this film and who is it for?

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Woolfe.Vision is a film collective, we work together to inspire social change.

“It’s only when it’s too late, people wake up and realise they are going to loose their home”

Clifford Grant, Central Hill Estate leaseholder


Concrete Soldiers Uk takes you on an exhilarating journey depicting people's battles against the big developers and Councils, who are splitting apart communities in the name of progress. But seemingly against all odds, these campaigners are winning and showing the way for people power.


“The most successful campaigns are always won by the communities themselves” says Simon Elmer, contributor and activist from ASH.


An inspirational anti-war film interspersed with amazing facts about the Uk housing crisis including the Grenfell Tower disaster and how it feeds into the whole ethnic and social cleansing of the Uk cities.


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