26 Feb 2019,  7pm @ RIO CINEMA ( 107 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB)

Concrete Soldiers and Rio Cinema have come together to present an evening of new films about London, Ridley Road market and regeneration. We promise it will be an eyeopening experience. 



'Time to say Goodbye'

It is Leigh’s very last day working on Ridley Road Market. 

She began her journey when she was five selling cauliflowers with her grandmother.  She is the last generation in a long line of market sellers on the market.

However Ridley Road has changed over the years and Leigh no longer feels this is her calling in life. 

Leigh gives us an emotional account of her life on the market and paints a vivid picture of Ridley Road over the years.  It is still an important place of belonging for so many people and is a strong hub for the local community.  However the recent threat of closing the large indoor market has made Leigh worry about it’s future.  This story of Ridley Road Market is a microcosm of what’s happening around the world as community life is threatened by profit driven agendas.


Nikita Woolfe's 'Concrete Soldiers Uk'


Tom Cordell's 'City for Sale' 

For the last 15 months, the tenants at Macintosh Court, a sheltered housing scheme for retired people in Lambeth, have been subjected to endless shoddy building work. In despair they called in the building’s original architect, Kate Macintosh (herself retired and 81 years old) to help them fight to save their homes. But at each stage the building’s owners, Lambeth Council, seem more interested in covering up what has gone wrong than fixing the building. What could they be hiding? This film is a journey into the bizarre world where private business is remaking London, and where nothing is ever what it seems.

This is a chance to see a work in progress, a segment of an ongoing feature length project about the privatised city being made by Utopia London director Tom Cordell.


Launch of INSPIRE2RESIST and discussion with Directors, Andy Worthington (narrator of CSUK) and The London Renters Union. 

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Look forward to seeing you there. 

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20 Feb : 7pm – 9pm, Hub 67, 67 Rothbury Road, Hackney Wick, London E9 5HA


24 Feb : 6pm – 8pm, Harmony Hall, 10 Truro Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 7BY


APRIL 2018


14 Apr : Hastings with Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust [more info later]


15 Apr : Haringey @Lordship Hub, Tottenham, Haringey. [entry fee £3 at the door, more info]


21 Apr : Cressingham Estate, The Rotunda,  London [more info later]


22 Apr : Winnipeg, Canada. Plays at Cinematheque. 4pm [bookings]



24 Apr : The Cass, London Metropolitan University


30 Apr : New Cross/Deptford, London. Part of New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival [more info]


MAY 2018


18 May : Living Rent and the Human Geography Research group presents in Edinburgh, Scotland.

3pm @ The Uuniversity Of Edinburgh, 50 George Square, Room G.04

5.30pm @ the Wee Red Bar, Lady Lawson Street entrance, inside Edinburgh College of Arts.


19 May : Living Rent in Glasgow [more info]


JUNE 2018


 3 Jun : Brockley Max Festival [more info later]


16 Jun : Firstsite Gallery Colchester [all day event - more info later]


AUG 2018


8 Aug : Screening in Bristol


9 Aug : Andy Worthington radio interview at BBC


SEP 2018


28 - 30 Sep : CINETEKTON! International Film and Architecture Festival


OCT 2018


11-13 Oct,  Lund International Architecture Film Festival


NOV 2018


9 Nov Alexandria Film Festival


Feb 2019


26 Feb  Rio Cinema Dalston


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Your film left a lasting sediment, I grew up in London so felt a sense of care for all those fighting, it could have been me. I can't believe they are so blind in what they do and the impacts they have.


Tania Charman

Director of Heart of Hastings, Hasting, uk


Premiere @ the Cinema Museum, London


Performances by Potent Whisper and Bellatrix


Q&A with Sian Berry (Green Party MP), Tanya Charman (HeartofHastings), Jerry Flynn (35 Percent), Jamie Burton (human rights barrister), and Andy Worthington.


Photography by Jake Davis (