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Director's statement


Never in the last 3 decades has it been more important to take a stand and stay united. Our communities are being ripped apart and our cities taken over by greed.

When I started looking at the problem of regeneration and gentrification it was just a dirty word. Now 5 years later, it’s on everyone’s lips and no one feels secure in their homes.

I saw the problem from the inside, as I followed people around - normal people like you and I, trying to fight the wave of developers buying swathes land, public land which should stay in public hands not sold off to the highest bidder.

People are fighting for their right to a decent home and a community. It's a basic right. The injustices I saw and keep seeing are inhuman and in many cases criminal, but no one takes responsibility. So I realised the only way to change the status quo is by creating a film which could inspire and calvanise more people to join the battle.


This film was made with no funding or outside support and all profit will go to our INSPIRE2RESIST campaign.


Nikita Woolfe

Macintosh Court residents

won the right to stay in their homes by sheer persistence and by asking the right people for support. Kate Macintosh is the architect of the residents' home and was a key figure in the success of the campaign.

Jerry Flynn is a member of the 35%Campaign, a research campaign group.

35% works tirelessly and with very little support to help and secure victories for tenants and leaseholders in the Elephant and Castle area.

Aylesbury leaseholder Beverley Robinson  is fighting for her right to be a 100% homeowner and was one of the key advocates in winning over the council in the first CPO of the First Development Site [FDS] of  the Aylesbury Estate.n

ASH, (Architects for Social Housing

work to save estates by creating alternative plans to demolition. They are also central to the whole uprising against estate regenerations ac work to save estates by creating alternative plans to demolition. They are also central to the whole uprising against estate regenerations across London. work to save estates by creating alternative plans to demolition. 

Cressingham Gardens Estate is located right by Brockwell Park in Brixton and the Council wants to get rid of it. But the residents don't want to move and they are putting up a good fight.

Clifford Grant loves his home on Central Hill Estate. He's one of the many people who want to stay there.

But Lambeth Council has got plans for Central Hill. It's located on a hilltop overlooking London and that is just the sort of location that developers love.


Colin Wiles and Martin Wheatley are members of SHOUT (Social Housing under Threat),

a campaign group made up of volunteers who, between them, have 300 years’ experience of working in the housing sector.

Colin and Martin explain how the UK got to where we are now and what can be done to rectify the situation...

- And introducing Andy Worthington...


A writer, activist and musician, Andy Worthington is narrating Concrete Soldiers and will be going on tour too.

Andy is passionate about social housing and works in various capacities to support campaigns across London.

We want the TRUTH...


And then there is the ongoing fight for justice for the Grenfell Tower victims. Watch 'The Truth about Grenfell Tower' a meeting organised by ASH about what really happened....


This film is dedicated to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.